One Stop Solution

Single solution for all your restaurant needs with integrated workflow management, menu management, order management and point of sale

Mobile ready

End to end mobile solution with advance intra communication mechanism, You will never miss attending your customer, all your work flow is automated.

Cloud based solution

Experience the live information of your restaurant from any where in the world from desktop, tablet or mobile phone.



Give your customer an exciting and live experience right at his finger tips of the delicious food that you serve. Our extensive and easy to use customer mode design helps customers to easily order, check their bill and pay from devices in just minutes.



Now waiters get to know when the order is placed by a customer right from their mobile device. When the food is ready at kitchen waiter will be notified which decreases waiting time and increases customer satisfication.



Get the latest orders on the tablet for a cheff to work on. Cheff can see his pipeline of items to cook including detailed customizations for each order.



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Interactive Menu

Simple and efficient menu navigation gives users look for the items they are searching for using categories.

Timely Menu

The menu on tablet changes to serve breakfast, lunch or dinner periodically based on pre-configured timings and menu.

Menu synchronization

Changes in menu like price, names or pictures will reflect instantly on tablet with just the push of a button on the web portal.

Goes well with

Market your low selling items with along with other best selling items using Goes well with feature.

Offline mode

Digital menu can be accessed without a live internet connection.

Special offers

Advertise your latest and exciting offers to customers using the special offers feature.

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